The spaces we occupy are no longer constrained by physical boundaries. Our realities are now digitally augmented, and the rules are changing. For better or worse, our screens are social portals. How do we respond to these changes when designing a home or a community?


"It fits so beautifully... On the piece of land. 
With our family ethos. With our lives." - Pascal


As the Earth's natural resources continue being depleted we need to consider our legacies, as architects, citizens and individuals.

The spaces we leave behind reflect what we stand for, and shape those who follow us. We work hard to ensure our impact is a positive one.
We subscribe to Swiss standards of Best Practice and are certified...
Minergie-Eco | ??

We are responsible today for our clients.
We are responsible tomorrow for our community.


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The global population continues to explode, creating critical challenges in the production and supply of food, energy and habitation.  

Micro architecture addresses the growing need for more energy efficient and cost effective living.